Can Art Apply Itself to Public Relations too?

Bangalore: Works of Art often reflect and can even sometimes fast forward the culture of society as did some of the masterpieces produced by legendary artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. Even today, some of the best ad campaigns are often inspired by the works of such artists. Though often concealed as news in both traditional and digital media, Public Relations are undeniably one of the most influential tools that exert a powerful influence on most societies each and every day. Let’s try and explore how an understanding of art can be applied to create effective and powerful Public Relations campaigns.

During the late 60’s, American artist – Andy Warhol made quite an absurd statement; he claimed that everyone would eventually become famous for 15 minutes in the future. Well, although this has not come to pass, think about how social media is used by both: upcoming celebrities and brands to market themselves and attain the recognition they seek. Warhol also knew the power of glamour and the role it played in making a positive impression. He believed that anyone could gain popularity if marketed in the proper manner.

Ever wondered how Lady Gaga can be such a creative genius, in terms of how effectively she has been able to publicize and market herself? Well, her inspiration and taste stem from the eccentric Spanish twentieth century painter – Salvador Dali. Dali during his day created quite a stir with his surrealist paintings which were in turn inspired by psychologist- Sigmund Freud’s psycho analytic theory.

Russian ads during the early twentieth century often depicted happy faces working in fields and industries; the strong government enforced such ads to propagate communist ideologies. Knowing the power and influence public relations have upon society, it’s always a good idea to understand the society and its culture first; and one of the best ways in doing so, can be accomplished only through understanding its art.


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