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Founded by highly experienced PR professionals, PR9 uses traditional and digital strategies to bring spirited ideas and meaningful campaigns to life through consumer brand exposure, experience and interaction. PR9’s business is simple: Helping people and companies communicate compelling messages across the globe. Based in Bangalore, our global focus and capabilities allow us to effectively support our clients’ needs around the world. We provide a full range of PR services that have been developed by our highly experienced team over 15 years.

At PR9, we believe every organization has a positive story to tell and specific messages they need to communicate. We have an extensive government, business and community network and proprietary tools that facilitate the creation and delivery of that story– to the right audience, in the right way, at the right time. We offer an in-house team of print and online designers, digital specialists and evaluation experts to deliver client programs to both traditional and online mediums. With industry leading communicators, we provide the strategy and relationships that our local, international and multinational clients depend upon to create leadership and deliver results.